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For all my logos, I tried including the element of alignment between the text and the logo itself. For example, the top of the text aligns with the top of the book the figure is reading  (middle right). For the logos on the middle left, I tried centering the GOA logo in the book and above the text.

I also tried to use as little color as possible to make the logo more simple and easy to remember, so I limited the number of colors to 2: orange and blue. I also chose not to have a texture for the logos to keep it as simple as possible. In addition, I also played around with the proportion--how big the text was relative to the logo, and how large the figure was relative to the GOA globe.


Image credits:


Globe - http://atlasgoa.org

Text - http://atlasgoa.org

Top left:

Figure - Created by Claire Jones from the Noun Project

Book - Created by Alexander Wiefel from the Noun Project

Top right: 

Figure - Created by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project

Middle right: 

Figure - Created by Sebastian Langer from the Noun Project

Middle left:

Book outline - Created by Andre Luiz Gollo from the Noun Project

Bottom right: 

Figure - Created by Claire Jones from the Noun Project

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Page Comments

Eliza Cohen
Sep 20, 2015 at 6:18pm
I like a lot of your logos a lot. My favorites are the first two. I like how they are not super complex but at the same time there is enough going on to make them unique and interesting. I like how the person is leaning against the globe. Between those two my favorite is the second one where the person and the globe are both blue. I think it makes the design more appealing to the viewer. I also like the one with the person sitting on the globe. It is very clever and appealing. I like all of the designs a lot and I like your use of the two colors and one font. Your consistency in impressive and I think with these kinds of designs the simpler you go with design and font the better your outcome will be. Keep up the great work these all look fantastic!
Holly Christensen
Sep 20, 2015 at 12:17pm
I like how in all of your designs, you kept it down to two colors. It really made the designs seem a lot simpler. I also really like how you incorporated elements that related to an Atlas/the Greek god Atlas. You had both the idea of atlas holding up the world and the idea of someone reading an atlas or a book. I also like how the last two designs give the logo a more relaxed and fun vibe because of the posture of the person reading . However, I think that the colors in the second version (with the orange person) make the logo easier to see. I also think that in a more developed version of these designs, it would be a good idea to change the round globe-like symbol to be more simple since it is hiding behind the person in the last two designs. Since the person is overlapped with it, the design gets kind of busy, but if the globe was simpler it would be easier to look at. I also think you could experiment with the format and size of the text. Since this design has to be put in a lot of different places, like a website title or on a printout or on a billboard, I think you could try aligning the text in different ways with the image of the person or making the text bigger or smaller to make the design look more cohesive. I especially think this would be helpful for the design with the person sitting on the globe. I really like the 2nd book sketch where one half of the book is shaded. Having the book as the border really brings together the whole thing and makes it look more cohesive. I think you did a really good job with alignment, and all of your designs have great concepts!

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